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Homework Help: Help with this question

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    I have a really difficult question i need help on.

    A 1.9-kg block slides down a frictionless ramp. Ths top of the ramp is 1.5-m above the ground; the bottom of the ramp is 0.25-m above the ground. The block leaves the ramp moving horizontally, and lands a horizontal distance 'd' away. Find the distance 'd'.

    Oh and the ramp is curved so the block slides horizontally when it leaves the ramp.

    Help please!
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    Doc Al

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    First find the speed of the block as it leaves the slide. Use conservation of energy.

    Then apply the usual kinematic equations for projectile motion: the y-direction has an acceleration due to gravity; the x-direction is constant speed motion. Note that the initial velocity as it leaves the slide is purely horizontal.
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