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Schools Help with university admission

  1. Feb 1, 2013 #1
    in my first semester i had math and physics as two of my 6 courses that i need for university but apparently i have a low mark of 65 in physics and i am thinking, should i take it again or should i take summer school? if i take it again then i am going to take five courses for secodn semester including english in night school. What should i do? the universities that i want to go in to have a cutoff at 78 and math i had an 80
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    You should probably talk to admissions at your university about this. They would know first hand what the requirements are, and what you need to complete before being admitted. (I'm assuming you are in highschool).

    For your physics course, was it a university course or a highschool course? Did it include calculus? Finally, do you plan on actually studying physics?
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    It's a high school course and the cutoff for university that i am trying to get in to is a 75 but i am trying to get an 80 average for the program that i am trying to go to. I am doing Calculus now.
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