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Homework Help: Help with VT graph and DT graphs

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    Hi Guys, I messed up bad on a recent quiz on these easy VT and DT graphs. I am having trouble going from one to another. I recently took this quiz and pretty much got everyone wrong since then I have googled and read the chapter as much as possible, but I cant find any good completed examples to know if im doing it correctly. In our book it basically calls these things frequency polygons, histograms. Are they the same?? Is there any way to enter the x,y coordinates for a Distance time graph in my TI-89 titanium and have it output the velocity graph??

    Can anyone show me the correct graphs for these 3 problems i missed on the quiz??

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    P.S. anyone have any good resources on how to plot derivatives on a graph ??
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