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Help with W=F*v*t*cos(theta)

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    The answer to the first part of one of the problems is:
    The second asks me to take the time derivative of this equation in order to find the power produced. How do I do this??

    Also, say a baseball leaves a pitcher's hand at a speed of v and the mass of the baseball is M_baseball. You can ignore air resistance. What is the work done on the ball by the guy??
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    Which terms are functions of time?
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    f, v, and theta should all be functions of time (usually t). Simply take the derivative with respect to t.

    For the second part of the problem, you can use the fact that the total work is equal to the kinetic energy of the ball.
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    sorry, ive never taken calculus.. i dont undersatnd what youa re saying/
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    Your original statement of the problem was "The second asks me to take the time derivative of this equation in order to find the power produced."

    If you have never taken calculus then you cannot do this problem and probably should not be taking this course.
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    can u please just tell me the answer?? my prof. says calculus is not required for my physics course. its just that we havent covered this material yet and I'm moving ahead..

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