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Help with WinFig

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    Hi, I am using WinFig in order to make some diagrams, i started using it since it was supposed that it allowed an easy way to write equations in the diagram. I am using the text option to introduce the equation as follows:


    I thought that in the moment that i would press "Latex" buttom it would appear as it should, but it doesnt, it just keep just as writted "$x^2+y^2=R$". How can i make it show as an equation?

    Thanks and sorry for my english.
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    For preview of LaTeX formatted texts you need a TeX installation. Have you installed one? Then you press "Latex" flag for your equation to be displayed properly.
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    Hmm actually i didnt, can i get some guidelines?
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    Take a look here: http://winfig.com/requirements/. There is info for various operating systems. You first have to read the guidelines for the operating system you have. There is a "Links" page, for the required downloads but for convenience if you have Windows, here's a link for MiKTeX http://miktex.org/download and for GhostScript here: http://www.ghostscript.com/download/gsdnld.html. For other operating systems, just follow the respective guidelines too. Also, WinFig documentation is something that you'll need, from time to time.
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