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Help with wording my thoughts

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    i've never been good at putting my thoughts into words...so i was hoping someone could pickup on my theory, maybe even share it, and help me edit it so it's more easily readable. thanks :)

    there is only 1 thing that exists. the universe. it is all 1 thing. 1 single matter. 1 with its many physical attributes. time is an illusion. the universe is 1 thing that occupies 1 infinitely small space and time-illusion. or infinitely large. infinity has a specific value at a specific space / time-illusion conjuncture(the value being the total number of measurements made regarding variations). progressing forward but able to be measured in reverse, value changing in infinitely small (or large) increments. time-illusion is a measurement regarding the processing of data by a data processor. the universe can only be defined in relativity. not absolution. processing the universe as a whole is not possible. this falsehood often leads to the god delusion, the concept of viewing the universe from outside of it.
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    What is the point? If there exist only "one think" in hte universe, then you and I are the same and I can't do anything you can't do!
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