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Help with writing an equation

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    How does one do that? I did a seach an no luck. Its the function where one can draw intergrals and sumations.
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    It's not completely clear what you mean.

    I suspect you are referring to the "special symbols" such as

    "& int ;" ∫ or "& theta ;" θ . Notice that those symbols start with & and end with ; I put the spaces in so the code itself would show up.

    You might also want to try "Tex", its more elaborate and information about it is given at
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    Also, when people type with the Tex, you can click on it and see how they wrote it....that works very well for learning how to write it, see examples of it....when I first learned it, I would go around the forums in search of post with Tex written in them and look at how they were done.
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