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Homework Help: Help writing net ionic equation

  1. Aug 5, 2009 #1
    I have no idea how to write these two reactions as net ionic equations in order to show relevancy to their respective pH:

    Na2CO3 + HCl (pH of 10.36) I know that it dissociates into OH- ions since it has a very basic pH


    NaHSO4 + HCl (pH of 4.18) I also know that this dissociates into H+ ions since the pH is very acidic. However, I am terrible at these types of equations and desperately need help.
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    How in the world does HCl give you a pH of 10.36?
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    Show the reaction completely as ions for the reactants and the products. Write these all fully. Then, just rewrite without all of the non-acting ions which seemed to not participate in the reaction. Note that in your first reaction you will drive ..... WHAT? Why do you indicate a pH of 10.60 ? Your solution of NaCO3 might begin with that pH, but how far do you want it to go in the neutralization? All the way, or just part of the way? My guess is you want complete neutralization. Be sure you balance the reaction for this. First step is carbonate to bicarbonate; second step is bicarbonate to carbonic acid and you may lose this through decomposition to carbon dioxide.
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