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    help plz..

    I have a project, i don't know if someone has done it, but i just can't conceptualized the whole system..i am to design a tree support system for windstorms, does someone has an idea on how it supposed to look like...im thinking of putting an anchor, like guyed wired on it.. i was thnking that it should somewhat be easy to setup, just for the purpose of typhoon and can easily be remove when the typhoon's gone.so its not a permanent connection..what material should i consider.
    and what books should i read..tnx
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    go for 3 wire rope slings (having loop at both ends of the wire rope). take one more rope, put one end of each sling into it and tie this rope around the stem of tree neck (just above the branches are starting). more height from better the support. (cantilever movement is supported). now around the tree in the ground, 120 deg apart achor the other ends of the sling.
    the diameter, length, quantity all depends what is the nature of the tree and wind.
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    Replied in your PM.
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    just wanted to ask..how can i compute the strength of the tree.is there a convention,because as far as i know,they can withstand certain load..for e.g 250 mph wind load..
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    Hi Polo,

    U need not to know the strength of the tree at all. First calculate, the wind force acting on the tree due to the resisting area of the tree. This force is going to be shared by two ropes (depending on wind direction, the third one will be tension free, slacking). so by this way due to this force when tree bends at its neck (like cantilever) the load will go to the two ropes and make them tensed. So in total, the tree is not going to take load and deflect, it just distributes the wire ropes.
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    Question: What transfers the load from the force of the wind into the ropes:
    Answer: The tree.

    Question: What happens if the loads in the tree exceed the strength of the tree?
    Answer: The tree breaks.

    Question: Is the strength of the tree important in designing the system?
    Answer: You decide...
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    well, i just want that my design would be economical in a way, just to help the tree to carry its load..thus i would be computing a much smaller diameter for the rope,(can i use wire instead or cable)..or the guy would be the only one to carry the loads...because it would be designed for typhoon season so would it be enough..btw,tnx for the replies.
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    yeah..thats exactly what im thinking...and unlike when ur designing guyed towers...u could actually look for the value of modulus of elasticty, or E for a certain material..what should do with trees.?
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    Yes. It would be better if the questions and answers are read once again. We are here to save the tree (shank-ground to neck). Not the branches. I agree we should consider breaking strength of the tree branches if we are to save the branches of the tree. In this scenario, as long as ropes take the load, no question of bothering for youngs modulus of tree shank.
    I request you to think in other direction.
    If required you can PM me.
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