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Help .

  1. Jul 17, 2011 #1
    Hey everyone.
    I have just got into Manipal University for B.Tech. programme and i have seslected Electrical & Electronic Engeneering. I am really keen to study in USA for my M.Tech. I have seen some good universities ; wherein there is a stream called EECS(Electrical Engeneering & Computer Science).
    So what i want to know is that after my B.Tech. in EEE would i be eligible for EECS course for my M.Tech. cause for whatever info. i have gathered Electrical Engennering in USA is basically Electronics Engeneering (As far as i understand).
    So is this right and shoul i change my stream to ECE or woul i be in much more benefit by sticking to EEE.
    Do reply me fast, i am in lot of confusion after all it is about my career.
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