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Helping in contactor

  1. Jun 27, 2009 #1
    Hi everybody

    I am new here but I hope that you help me.

    I need wiring diagram for 3-phase contactor with two switches one for start (give the contactor the signal) and the other for stop.

    when the electricity went off , the contactor should stop working

    it's too simple not complicated


    Best Regards
    Ahmed Hassan
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    please refer to attached diagram.

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    thanks for Don and m.s.j

    it's really helped me

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    What is case of the two terminals 21 and 22 in the contactor ?
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    We don't have any idea because we don't know which contactor you have. What makes you think all contactors have the same terminal numbers?
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    I know that's every contactor has it's only terminal numbers but.....

    If there is 21 and 22 number in contactor , what is the situation for?

    No (Normally Open)
    Nc (normally Closed)

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    I have no way of knowing. What is the brand and model number of the contactor?
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    I'm looking in moeller contactor and found the thing I need.

    I found that the connection terminal for (21 and 22) normally Closed and the terminals (13 and 14) Normally Open if the contactor not work

    Thanks again
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    Just a sugestion, but perhaps in the future you could at least make a token effort to find the information yourself before stating a thread here. Obviously the information was available to you; this could have been finished a week ago.
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