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Helping people

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    I am starting a medical carrer soon and i was kind of wondering what can i do after i earn my degree? I got into medicine for the sure fact that i was helping people, but inside a hospital? I was wondering if there are such organizations that employ doctors to go into other places in need yet get payed some money. I know of volunteering but taking so much time, money and dedication in medical school seems wasteful; i think i should be able to provide for my parents and my self and still help people more than a normal doctor.

    I have looked even at the military and their medical programs. They seem to be a good choice.

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    Doctors Without Borders/MSF does pay a monthly salary.
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    What's your level of certification so far? EMT, Medic, PA, FR, CERT, FA/CPR? Given whatever your level of cert is so far, you can volunteer for time locally. Where are you geographically?
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    An Oxford doctor was just on the radio. He had been in Haiti for a month, now he's back in Oxford living the easy(ish) life & making money. So you can help poor people in dire need, and also make money from treating rich people (who are also, let's face it, in dire need...) That is, you can work most of the year and then volunteer for part of it. And people will think you are great, like I think that Oxford doctor is great. (And no one thinks that about quants...)
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