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Helping someone via skype?

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    I've a friend of mine overseas and I wanna help him with some Math problems. I have a desktop PC running Windows 7 x64 and I've also an Apple iPad 3 (the first version that comes with Retina). I'm going to make use of the screen sharing feature in Skype. The problem is that I want to have a tool that helps me write on my iPad using a pen. I was given - as a gift - a normal pen that has a special rubber at top to help select things on cell phone rather than using my fingers as the person who gave me the gift told me (plz see image below). My questions are:

    Is it possible to use that pen to write on the iPad? if yes, what software (hopefully free) that can allow me to use on the iPad as a scratch pad? (so that everything I'm writing on the iPad's screen shows up on my computer screen as well for the other person to see what I'm writing/doing via the Skype sharing feature.)

    Many thanks! :)
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    While I can't comment on the pen, you wnat to make sure it doesn't scratch the surface of the ipad.

    With respect to the screen sharing, there are website that both of you can sign onto where what you dtaw will be reflacted on their device.

    I have never used any and have none to recommend at the moment

    One such site is www.join.me with others listed via the search phrase "website to share screen between two devices"

    One thing to be aware is that the site can see and record what you're writing if they choose too and there's no guarantee that they won't.

    Another thought would be VNC where a remote user can control the mouse on your machine so that both of you could draw on the same canvas.
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