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Homework Help: Helplessly Confused

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    Calculate the time it takes a train to make a 48 km trip in the following two situations. Assume that at each station the train accelerates at a rate of 2.0 m/s2 until it reaches 50 km/h, then stays at this speed until its brakes are applied for arrival at the next station, at which time it decelerates at -3.0 m/s2. Assume it stops at each intermediate station for 20 s.

    (a) The stations at which the trains must stop are 0.60 km apart.

    I'm confused...
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    This is a step by step problem. What do you know? do you know constant acceleration equations?
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    physicsss, if you try and start on the problem, we can guide you further. If you don't tell us what you've tried or what ideas you have, we really can't help you.
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    I'd start with sketches dividing the trip up into accelerating, constant and deccelerating parts. My sketch would look kind of like a number line, and I'd write in what was given and what I could find out about each part.
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