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Here Come the Quantum Dots!

  1. Dec 12, 2011 #1
    A British company claims the first QD TVs will be on the market in a year.


    If true this is amazingly good news. (Well, for those of us who didn't just buy a 60" plasma TV its good news.) Theoretically they can produce the cheapest, most energy efficient, and best quality picture possible. Tablets and cell phones with retina screens that can be rolled up and stuffed in your pocket. No more confusing TV and monitor specifications to worry about.

    It makes sense the first applications would be for monitors and TVs, but the technology has other equally impressive potential applications such as possibly producing solar cells so cheap and outrageously efficient they finally become ubiquitous and cover every rooftop. Hopefully some of you know more about this and have something to add.
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    Iphone 5 anyone? :)
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