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Here comes the freshman

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    Greetings from Turkey!
    What I wanted to say is that I do experience problems with advanced course of Physics in university :)
    I'm pretty talented when it comes to social science, essays and etc., but calculus-related disciplines are my nightmare :-p
    I accidentally fond this forum, and was that much impressed so decided to participate, with hope to improve my skills in Physics.
    Not sure if I can help anyone scientifically (I wish I could!), but will do my best to improve my knowledge and finally pass PHYS Exam :D
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    Welcome aboard. You have a far higher educational achievement already than I do, and I have about a 40-year head start on you, so don't feel bad about admitting to some obstacles that you might want assistance with. (Needless to say, I won't be the one providing that assistance...)
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