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    Hello, my name is Donovan Scott. I am currently a Calculus 1 student, a honor roll member of Phi Theta Kappa, attempting to obtain a 4 year degree in Industrial Engineering. I do not want to say I 'love' math, but I am very intrigued by its significance and nature of correlating with nature. I am progressing pretty nicely in my studies, conceptually I have a solid understanding of the calculus so far. I wanted to join this forum to obtain more knowledge of mathematics with respects to science/more real-world applications. I hope I can gain a lot from the beautiful minded people here, and hopefully I too, can grow to have one myself. We are discussing the disk-method in class and so far everything makes sense; rapid revolutions around a particular axis can help give shape to a three-dimensional object, hence, allowing you to accurately calculate its mass, volume, area and so fourth. Sometimes I do have problems thoroughly understanding certain aspects of using integration to find certain characteristics, it is here I hope people can help shed some more light on my incompetence. Thanks for reading!
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    Welcome to PF!
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