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News Here we go with the friendly fire again

  1. Mar 23, 2003 #1
    Now, just so you know, all aircraft allied with the USA are sending out an IFF signal which a radar operator can not miss unless he/she is not paying any attention at all.
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    There might have been a fault with the electronics?
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    A plane would not be allowed to take off in a war zone with a malfunctioning IFF transponder. However, it is possible the thing was damaged from AA fire. I doubt it though.
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    well if that is true how exactly would you know? are you in the military? are you a colonel, general, military electronics enginer?

    Could it have been a malfunction not in the plane but in the patriot?
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    Yes, I was in the military. RAN, combat systems operator, top marks from the Surface Warfare School.
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    Let me correct the last post then. The U.S military. Things are different in every country and there could easily have been a malfunction.

    Did you ever deal specifically with Patriot missle systems? (this isn't part of the argument about the accident. I'm just curious)
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    Is it also possible that the malfunction was caused by the patriots radar being damaged somehow? After all, Iraq launched several missles at Kuwait and it could have just fired thinking it as a missle. It wouldn't have to have eben a big problem, just a small malfunction that caused it.
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    I was involved only with the Harpoon missiles system. However, certain principles remain the same across all systems.

    The IFF is a separate device attached to the radar system. It gives a number to the radar display identifying the aerial contact as friendly or not.

    Possibilities of what went wrong:

    The plane would not have flown with a faulty IFF transponder. If may have been damaged in flight.

    The Partiot controller's system had a faulty IFF reciever.

    The Patriot controller somehow had his IFF reciever turned off.

    The Patriot controller ignored the IFF or was too stupid to realise what his display was showing him.
  10. Mar 23, 2003 #9
    If you were in the military, I'm sure you know just how confused things can get. For example, right after the invasion began, a US Apache helicopter missiled and destroyed a US tank... people get scared and confused, accidents happen. :(
  11. Mar 23, 2003 #10
    Most of the time those Patriot crews are sitting there in the desert doing nothing at all.

    This reminds me of the time in Desert Storm when an Apache helicopter took out two British APCs, killing 9 soldiers I think. There was no confusion. The Apache guys simply didn't bother checking their target. They acted like it was a video game.
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    LoL ... 3 helicopters and one tank Were destroyed accidently ?
    Come On ! Is US technology that bad to let two helicopters hit together ?

    It's Obvios , USA is not telling it's poeple that they are being defeated by Iraqi army !
  13. Mar 23, 2003 #12
    During Desert Storm, US Apaches attacked two British APCs, killing 9 British troops.

    During Korea, British infantry fleeing a Chinese push headed toward a US tank division for assistance, and the tanks opened fire on them.

    Recently a US fighter bombed four Canadian troops.

    In Afghanistan, the USA killed some New Zealand SAS during a training exercise.

    This time in Iraq, US marines have been having a long-running battle with a US tank. A US Patriot missile took out a Tornado.

    It's not that US technology is bad. It's that the training is not quite as good as it should be, as they tend to rely too much on that nifty technology.
  14. Mar 23, 2003 #13
    If The wrong actions were less than that , we would believe it .

    But when You hear some impossible wrong actions such as two holicopters hitting each other , this look like lying .

    and when you hear that all the US and UK ( Maybe in future austrailians ) soldeires are only dying by their fire ?
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    Ramsfelld said that there are no injuries or dead poeple or prisoners yesterday .
    And as we see , he didn't talk to the poeple yet.
  17. Mar 23, 2003 #16

    Except that this wasn't "most of the time" They have shot down MANY missles that saddam threw at the Kuwaiti people!


    And last time I checked the U.S was one of the leaders in technology but let's not get into that.

    And by the way. I would not be surprised if our helicopters were not sabatoged. It hasn't been in the media where you guys live probably but there was a malfunction in a black hawk helicopter in New York. All the people but two died. Then there was ANOTHER crash in Iraq in which all the people lived. Then about two days ago yet ANOTHER helicopter crashed and I believe everybody died. I don't think this could have all happened in the period of a week. I do not think that is a coincidence. They all just happened to have mechanical failures?

    That was no one's fault. The canadians were firing at something (I think they were practicing) and the U.S pilot thought they were the enemy.
  18. Mar 23, 2003 #17
    Probably they had mechanical failures, or the pilots made an error. It's not always big news, but military personnel are regularly killed in plane/copter crashes even in peacetime. Given the huge number of missions they're flying, and in actual combat zone now, it doesn't seem out of proportion to me.
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    That is just a mean thing to say.
  21. Mar 23, 2003 #20
    There are reports circulating that the US Soldier that threw 3 grenades into tents containing US commanding officers, Killing one person and injuring 15 Others was in response to Arab 'bounty' purse being put up for anyone who kills US soldiers? with the greater bounty being placed on officers rather than combat soldiers.

    There are also stories that in some middle east countries, before the actual invasion started, a number of soldiers were offered large amounts of cash, if they could sabotage the american effort? one perticular story was that some US soldiers have connections to the world 'Drugs' trade, and due to commitments back in the USA, they have elected to abuse their position in the army, to further their Drugs carreers?

    I personaly cannot see this as happenning, but who knows..its a crazy world..and there are some things people will do for 'money' more than they would do for anything else.
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