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Here's a neat little program

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    This is a free program that prints all sorts of graph paper. It is really customizable and has lots of different types. I had to look for a free host so I could upload it so there might be a pop up ad, but you can ignore any ads I don't get paid for them. The download button is right in the middle of the page. It also wouldn't let me upload an exe file so I had to zip it. but it is a safe, free program.
    http://savefile.com/files/5896078" [Broken]
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    Very cool. Thanks
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    Neat, thanks for the post! Is there a thread anywhere dedicated to other neat freeware that might be useful to others? Maybe this could be it.

    Here's a handy tape calculator. It does complex expressions like (((1 + 2) * 3)^4)% + 56*10^-7 / 8 and retains them for editing and re-calculation: http://orefa.com/addup/1/program/addup1setup.exe" [Broken]. Small footprint.
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    that's pretty good. thanks. I don't like drawing graphs, but it has to be done...
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