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Here's a wierd question

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    So, I have been reading Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. I love the book immensely! In fact its the first book I have ever read that I can connect with ]on a personal level, in terms of outlook on life and how things "should be". Granted, I don't agree with everything 100%, but its pretty close. Anyway, I am aware that the primary purpose of her book was to convey her philosophy "objectivism", which is 100% correct and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong :).

    In thinking about the woman who created this idea and wrote this novel, is it strange that I find myself attracted to her even though
    1) She wasn't much of a looker from the pics I've seen, lets be nice and say she wasn't photogenic
    2) She's been dead since 1982.
    Its very strange, at least I think so. I read her work and occasionally I imagine a woman who is extremely intelligent, confident in her character (a rarity among young women), competent, bold, and has her stuff together. All those things are extremely attractive to me, but you wont find it at 22 years old. Most of all I think she'd (or this person I've conjured in my head) could handle my personality - which can be described by a combination of the main characters (I am INTJ FYI) with some personal touches. Most girls my age are intimidated by me (verified by asking them flat out) and shy away. In a sense the woman I would like to meet is in many ways like Ayn Rand. Kind of creepy! Might make a good lifetime movie.
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    OK... This is wierd, but where's the question?
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    You answered the question!
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    I have in the past picked up an Ayn Rand book and was supremely disappointed - in fact i was never so turned off by a book, so i guess i had the opposite experience.
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    Weird yes, but I also think the existence of NBI indicates a lot of people found it easy to get infatuated with Rand.
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    NBI? New born infants???
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    Ahhh, I knew about ARI, not this.
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    If anything is weird it posting a thread here of all places confessing your attraction to her. Whatever you do please, please, please don't tell us about your mother.
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    Wull if it makes you feel better my mom is bed ridden and dieing of MS.
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    Very sorry to hear about your mother, but this is the type of post that should go into your blog.
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