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Heroes of Newerth

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    Just curious if anyone on physics forums is participating in the HON beta.

    I'm an avid Defense of The Ancients player; I didn't get access to the beta although I'm curious to hear about whether or not the game has translated well into a standalone.

    http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/ if you haven't heard about it.
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    What an incredibly odd thing to post, considering I've never seen the vast majority of posters here mention video games, little ones based on a warcraft mod less so. Viral marketing perhaps?

    Anyway no, I would rather stick with DOTA rather than shell out money for this rip off.
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    WOW! I really never thought I would see a post about this on this forum... it is like two parts of your life that never intersect meeting for the first time.

    I played HoN. Its DotA with better graphics and user interface. It is an actual clone of DotA with different names for things since Blizzard retains the rights for names for all maps created with their editor. If graphics and interface matter to you, you will like it. Also, they have all but eliminated leavers. In my opinion, that is enough of a step forward to make the game much better than DotA.

    Why I won't be buying it: it really is not enough game for the cost. DotA is a free additional map to WC3, while HoN is a stand alone DotA. Yes they will have a map editor and people will create their own maps, but is that enough... not in my book. How will their business model support continued upkeep on their servers if they only require a one time payment. They will have ads... which will ruin their user interface and one of the main drawing points for their game in my opinion.

    If you really want a beta invite, send me a PM on the forum (or anyone for that matter who is interested) with your email address. I will send you an invite.
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