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Heroin, ecstasy, heroin LEGAL in mexico

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    I'm sure this is a delayed april fools joke or something...

    or else...

    There's progressiveness for you....
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    I rember there being somthing about durg legiltizon in Alaska.
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    jailing users is DUMB
    doesnot work to stop use
    and costs alot

    tooo bad the neo-conned donot realy favor less goverment
    or less costly goverment
    or free choise
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    I think this forum needs its spell check back
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    I never used the spell check.
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    Spell check. And an online breathalyzer.
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    do not worry about other people, just stick to your own rule of no drug use.

    but peyote is a very nauseating drug, so it can only be consumed in a fixed amount. larger amounts are only for future use.

    and a person is probably a religious user if they persistently use peyote.

    i.e. this is not a substance that is recommended to the casual user.

    so you do not need to be too concerned about abuse of peyote.

    Indians have used it for years in religious ceremonies, and few others would be likely to use it much.

    the other drugs you mention seem more harmful, but the best antidote is probably education, not prohibition.
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    ecstacy and heroin "seem more harmful" and the best antidote is "education"? Damn, there goes my health care costs.

    Might as well make drinking and driving legal

    Guess rape should be legal too.

    As long as it doesn't harm me?
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    Obviously, the Mexican government is trying to get people to immigrate to their country.:rofl:
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    No, it's their pragmatic way of dealing with police corruption. It's sad to think that it is easier to let people use drugs rather than clean up police corruption. Seems like the mafia is running the country. :rolleyes:

    I am sure it will backfire. I wonder how many foreigners will come to Mexico to do drugs, get busted and have to buy their way out.
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    And how is that a backfire, rather than a source of income, for Mexico?
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    I say kudos to Mexico, as they have passed one of the wisest laws in this century. I'm sure Oaxaca indians are the role model for this, and speaking of which, where is Cancun?
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    Oh you mean they aren't some great beacon of liberal hippy hope? Aww....... Whoulda thunk it?

    Wait, get busted when its not a crime? I'm confused.
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