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Hertz to MeVs

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    When considering a vibrating silicon atom.
    I'm just not sure how to do the conversion o_O
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    MeV is mega-electron volts which is equivalent to Joules or energy. So you can't convert frequency to energy.
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    I know, not directly, but I'm looking for a relation that's something along the lines of [tex]E=\hbar\omega[/tex] but I don't know of any.

    Essentially, I'm going from a unitless/normalized frequency of 2 to 80 mevs using [tex] \omega=2\sqrt{K_i/M}[/tex] where [tex]K_i[/tex] is 10.6 [tex]eV/\AA^2[/tex] and M is the mass of silicon. I should get approximately 80 mevs.. Not sure how I get there. I got to 1/s easily by using the mass of silicon in mevs/c^2 but that's about it
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