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Hess's Law

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    ok, I have no idea. If any one could put this in simple terms it would be greatly appreciated!
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    No matter where you go, there you are!

    Hess' Law is just a recognition that enthalpy is a state function: http://chem.ufl.edu/~itl/2045/lectures/lec_7.html [Broken]
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    basically it says that, the enthalpy change of a reaction depends only on the initial and final conditions of the reactants and products respectively. the reaction route or reaction pathway has no effect on the enthalpy change.

    a quick example is when you produce CO2 from Carbon and oxygen. there are two possible routes:

    1) burn C directly in oxygen.

    2) burn Carbon to carbon monoxide, and then burn that carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide

    but both have the same enthalpy according to Hess' law
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