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Hex Editing The Universe

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    asuming everything is made from 1 thing, and that we had a way of recording an event, and editing such event, would it not be like hex editing the universe, such as, we know this gun has 9 ammo, so we find where in the universeal memory it has that, and can keep it at 9.

    i know its not acually a question, just a little thought of mine.
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    You are not going to use that gun, are you?
    Gara, respond...
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    the hypothetical gun?

    if you want, i can change it to nine 2 way radios in a bucket.
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    You know you've been spending too much time with games when...

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    LOL, yeah I have to agree with cookiemonster. In hex editing you are merely changing 1's to 0's and vice versa. Hence, energy is preserved. I would think it would be more analogous to something like altering molecular structures, like taking two ozone molecules and making three oxygen molecules. We do these kinds of things already, of course. To alter the quantity of certain structures would go against everything we know of physics, unless of course we live in The Matrix!
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    The entire universe can be thought of as a extremely large square matrix. This matrix has elements made up of only 1's and -1's. The 1st element at position [tex]e_{11}[/tex] determines whether the universe is made of pure matter or pure energy. If it is 1 then it's pure energy. If it is -1 then it's pure matter. Both matter and energy can still be defined in these two types of universe of pureness. These are formed by the grouping of submatrices of varying sizes to choose from. If the submatrix has a 1 in the 11-position then it's energy and if -1 then it's matter.

    Electric charges are from the matrix addition of same size square matrices. Mass are the matrix multiplication of same size square matrices. The different ways of dynamically grouping and creating submatrices make up the varieties of things in the universe.

    My probem in doing this grouping process is that no matter how I try I can't get the metric tensor of general relativity with diagonal element of 1, -1, -1, -1 or -1, -1, -1, 1 and zero for the rest of the other elements in this 4 by 4 square matrix. This indicate to me that the metric tensor is not symmetric that there is a connection between our particular universe to another universe not yet clearly defined.
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    in a way the universe is 1's and 0's. up 1's and down 0's :)

    as in, a neutron being 001 (down down up)

    a proton being 110 (up up down)

    i cant remember what my orginal thought was (or what i was eating that night lol) but i think it has something todo with the superstring thory.
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    1's and 0's could be used to represent states but 1's and -1's can also be used to represent opposites of direction. The matrix only allows zero for electric charge but no zero for mass.

    The zero mass of photons and gluons is explained by having both opposites (i.e. 1 and -1 direction) grouped equally.
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