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Hey all!

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    My name is Joe. I recently started going back to school after a 3 year break. I was a physics major before I stopped and have recently started back up again. I'm currently taking a Calc 1 course (refresher) and a Classical Physics II course at my community college. I'm thinking of getting a physics with astronomy emphasis undergrad degree and to go on to study gravitation, cosmology, etc in graduate school. I'm about done with my second year of college.

    Can't wait to post some more :)
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    Welcome to PF!

    Those are all great courses to take but have you also decided on a career?
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    Not currently. I'm more interested in learning rather than figuring that out. I've been working as a computer programmer for the past 3 years as well as travelling the country and playing with my band. I am looking more for, as pretentious as it sounds, intellectual fulfillment. At this point, I'm just concerned with doing my best and learning the things that interest me. Although, considering my areas of interest, I will most likely end up teaching. sigh. :)

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    Not a bad profession, you can always rock out for the students and being a programmer is something to fall back on.

    You could also check out these math course videos to get you past Calculus I,II,III, Differential Eqns and Linear Algebra:


    also Benjamin Crowell's free ebooks are good sources for undergraduate physics:

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