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Hey all!

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    I've read this forum for a long time, usually whenever I'm interested in a subject or topic.
    I've never really been in the position to have questions I couldn't easily find answer to. This is all changing....

    My background:

    I started my career after high school by taking an audio engineering and music production course. From there I worked freelance and got interested in electronics because of the sheer nature of everything in a recording studio as well as some of the small jobs I learned (re-tubing gear, rewiring guitars, building endless cables.) I decided to become an electrician while freelancing on the side because of this interest, got certified but wasn't satisfied. I couldn't help but know that all I knew was power and there was such a bigger picture to electronics. After I had some practical knowledge I found myself tinkering with small electronics (DIY guitar pedals, vintage clones of recording gear) Now I've taken a big bite and want to tie it all together and am starting as an electronic engineering student. I couldn't be more excited.

    I look forward to the help this forum will bring and just am that much more appreciative of the collaborative nature and community of internet forums.

    Looking forward to all the numbers and graphs.
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    Welcome to PF!
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