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Hey all

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    Im Carol, I have to survive 1 more semester of experimental physics in college before I get to drop it in second year and forget about it like a horrible horrible dream. I'm sucky at physics (didnt do it in highschool) so I need as good a continuous assesment mark as I can get, so I'll be posting pretty much any essay questions I'm not 100% sure on (or more likely utterly clueless, let's be honest).

    Help me survive and nice to meet you :D.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Don't dismiss physics so quickly you must embrace it and it will reward you with great insight into how the world really works. Who knows you may have the opportunity of a lifetime to be on a game show and you wouldn't want to be floored by a simple question in physics. Or who knows if your kids come home one day needing help on a physics problem and you will have to say to yourself in only I had learned that.

    Also please take some time to read our rules under the INFO tab as we expect to see your attempts at doing your homework when you post a problem.

    Take care,
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