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Hey buster, it's a myth

  1. You ever watch mythbusters? right now I'm watching the giant slingshot episode. It worries me that I am seeing exactly where they are going to run into problems before they run into them. Not because I forsee the problems, but because I've made them myself.
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    :rofl: Ah, sounds like a classic tribdog moment. :approve: I rather liked the one where they were going to jet-propel the one woman with a pack of bottle rockets on her back. They gave up when the mannequin they were testing it on kept doing a face-plant into the side of the dock they were trying to launch them off. :rofl:
  4. Ummm perhaps you should need to worry any more unless you just built yours today and had planned on trying it out tomorrow.
  5. I couldn't believe that she actually agreed to do it. It's one of the reasons I fell in love with her.:!!)
  6. The show is an intresting concept, but I always think to myself that maybe they messed up somewhere when trying to recreate a scenario. I am suprised that the show airs huge mistakes, such as one episode where they were trying to ram two cars head on and missed.
  7. the thing that drives me nuts about this show is they often say "it can't be done" but should say "we can't do it."
    that water bottle contraption could be made to work
  8. Moonbear

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    Technically, I think they mean they can't do it as described or just following the instructions, not that it couldn't be done if modified drastically from the original plans.
  9. Pengwuino

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    Yah, when they do something they are usually following someones specifications.
  10. nope, I don't think that's what they mean. I think they used to do things that way, but the new "helpers" think their experiments totally disprove the myths, but I've seen a couple where they got maybe 80% towards successfully recreating a myth and called it proof it couldn't be done.
  11. Like when? For the most part they are very good. You just like to complain.:grumpy:
  12. I like to complain? I complain less than anyone I"ve ever heard of.
  13. Stop complaining, woman.
  14. you want examples:
    off the top of my head they say you can't die by peeing on the third rail. I've peed on an electric fence and got shocked so I know they are wrong
    the water bottle rockets obviously have enough power, they just couldn't get them all to fire at the same time so they said it couldn't be done.
  15. That one has enough power to make someone launch about 3-4 feet at most, not send someone flying off like in the myth, lets be realistic here. Peeing on the third rail, yeah, not possible buddy. The third rail is going to be furthest from the platform, and below the platform level. So if you can piss a stream 4 feet across and 2 feet down, and keep it a steady steam, Id like to see that................gimme a break.
  16. the third rail experiment wasn't from the platform, they were standing right over it.
    the water bottles DO have enough power to launch someone a good distance. their scale models proved it. plus the myth they were trying to recreate was from a video they saw of someone launching themselves with water bottles. They tried recreating something that was already done and then proved it couldn't be even though they saw it. never let the facts ruin a good experiment
    you give me a break.
    you know, I don't care for your attitude
  17. Pengwuino

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    They had to have been using a wire though, you just can't make a water rocket give such steady adn even thrust!!!
  18. doesn't need to be steady and even. just needs to be thrust
    and it's not like they would be sputtering , the thrust is pretty even but steadily decreasing
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  19. didn't you people ever have one of those red and white plastic rockets that you put water in then pumped up? Those things flew pretty damn high
  20. I just like giving you a hard time, lol. Cant take the heat, stay outa the kitchen!

  21. So does a model rocket. But if I strap on a couple thousand of those little rockets, im not going to the moon, am I? Its not a directly linear relationship.

    Yes, it does. Dont bash the busters if you dont know what your talking about.
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