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Homework Help: Hey everybody. Im new to this forum. Lets start with some questions, shall we? XD

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    I know I know. This question must be uber easy in the eyes of you genius'. But the truth is - I'm taking grade 12 physics when I practically failed grade 11(well, I got 51....I wasn't trying, I swear!!!) so getting some of the concepts can get very confusing...and frustrating! Nonetheless, I need your help my good physic ebuddies!!!!!!!!!!

    1) A car is traveling north when it enters a curve. It maintains a constant speed and leaves the curve travelling east. The direction of the car's acceleration is

    a)south -east b)north-east c)east d)south e) the car does not accelerate

    I'm pretty sure the answer to thsi question is north east, however, since I never recall answering this type of question, I want to make sure.

    2) A car drives with constant speed around a corner. If it enters the corner traveling west and leaves traveling south, the acceleration through the turn is directed south-east.
    True or False??

    I think its true.....but Im not sure!! haha

    Thanks a tun!
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    Hi Callistal, welcome to PF.
    When ever a particle is moving in a circular orbit with uniform speed, the acceleration is always towards the center of the circle.
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