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Hey everyone! I love math and physics!

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    Hi guys! Since I'm about to embark on modern physics and linear algebra next year, I've decided to join this community to garner new insights and expose myself to various questions to prepare myself for next year. To begin, I have a few questions for you guys to preempt my preparation.

    Take a look at this: http://www.seab.gov.sg/content/syllabus/alevel/2016Syllabus/9811_2016.pdf
    To those who have gone through a modern physics course, how would you rate the difficulty of the above syllabus?

    Also, I currently have a few modern physics textbooks (namely physics for scientists and engineers and university physics) with solution manuals. What would you veterans recommend me to do for the next 2 months to best prepare myself for next year's modules? Should I begin self-studying the topics and attempting the practices? If so, does anyone have any lecture videos/series to recommend for me to follow?

    On a side note, is there a mathematics forums alongside this physicsforums that you guys frequent as well?

    Thank you and it is indeed an privilege for me to be able to communicate with people of similarly great interest in physics here!
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    Welcome to PF! Please ask your questions in the appropriate forum.

    We have excellent math forums here too.
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