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Hey everyone my name is jillian and i just want to say hello to all

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    hey everyone my name is jillian and i just want to say hello to all
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    Re: hello

    Hello to you, jillian!
    By the way, do you have a favourite fish?
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    Re: hello

    Welcome to PF :smile:
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    Re: hello

    Welcome to PF!!!

    I'm sure you'll like it here!!

    Soooo, what about the fish?? Any favorites??
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    Re: hello

    Hello and welcome to the forum !! :)

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    Re: hello

    thank you all and by the way i eat fish but i dont know the kind i eat :P
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    Re: hello

    Drops 400 pound tuna on Queenstudy.

    It's really best to think of a fish, preferably a small fish. :tongue2:

    On the bright side, that tuna is worth $20,000. The bad side, it was too big for the PF Fish locker and it's been unusually warm....
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    Re: hello


    Evo for humor guru!! :biggrin:
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