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Hey everyone! - Randall Flagg

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    I just graduated last week from a small private university in NY with a B.S. in physics. I'm just finishing up my grad school apps, and am absolutely terrified of the wait. (I've already posted a thread in the academic guidance section of the forum!)

    I'm obviously passionate about physics, and really enjoy forum communities. This seems like a great one.

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    Congrats and welcome!
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    Definitely congrats and welcome! :smile:
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    Congratulations about your first physics degree and I wish you the best success regarding grad school, in physics in general, and beyond, etc.
    Physics is always exciting and fun!

    Also welcome to PF! With your passion for physics, it's definitely the place to be!
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    Thanks everyone!
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    Welcome, you won't be disappointed in PF. (interesting user name, "The Stand" is a great fiction novel)
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