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Hey everyone

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    I just thought I would introduce myself since I am new to these forums.
    An upper year told me about this site I thought I would check it out.
    I am a first year at the University of Western Ontario for Applied Math and Theoretical Physics, although I am contemplating Pure Math. I am here in the library studying for my Calc and Linear Algebra midterm coming up!! Anyways, later everyone. Great Forum.
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    You'll enjoy it here.

    May I say that I vote Pure Math. :biggrin:
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    Welcome to PF Forty_Two!!!! I'm sure you will find lots of very interesting and helpful people here.

    Please stop by the welcome tent and pick up your complimentary "New Member" fish. :smile:
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    Welcome to PF. It's a great set of resources, and hopefully you'll find it valuable over the years. Have fun on the exams!
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    Welcome to PF. I will second the vote for Pure Math :smile:
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    Alright! Another Canuk on board. It's a slow process, but we're taking over. :biggrin:
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