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Hey everyone!

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    New to the forum. Looking to network.
    College student majoring in Engineering with an unspecified focus at the moment.
    In Cali.

    Where is everyone from?
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    Hi jlc - welcome to PF!

    I'm in the Seattle area.
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    yo, welcome to pf,

    I'm in Belgium.
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    Welcome aboard, Jlc.
    I live in the Calgary area of Alberta, Canada.
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    Maine, but I am LONG out of school and only have time to do astronomical research because I'm sidelined with a medical disability. BTW, I started out in engineering and was offered a 5-year scholarship in Pulp and Paper, but turned it down because my Honors advisor (a Rhodes scholar) had turned me on to Liberal Arts in a way that I had never experienced in HS.
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    Toronto, Canada.

    Was an Engineering Technologist ( sensors ) for 35 years.
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