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Hey everyone

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    Hey, new here. Fail to come up with a quick screenname attempt to be clever but running out of time I chose this. Immediately afterward I had a better idea for a screenname. Ah well, is what happens.

    I've mostly been into philosophy studies growing up, and I'm currently 18, escaped a drug addiction, for the most part I didn't get sucked into the event horizon of nihilism, and I am on my way to exploring the sciences more due to realizing how much there is I don't know.

    I always had been interested in science but never felt encouraged to actually go in depth with the subject. That is until reading up on spacetime, general relativity, spatial & temporal dimensions, and the such. These things are very interesting and researched these subjects heavily (not anything pro, probably average, great for me :D ). I had many questions relating to it, most of them being odd I googled them, and many of them were asked on this forum. The community seems attractive as do the discussions held here.

    So expect me to be more of a learner than a sharer, and more than that a regular guy excited to join yet another community over the likes of the internet, not much of that in the quiet part of Iowa!
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    Welcome to PF @The Un-Observer.

    I think @Greg Bernhardt might change the nickname for you, if you ask him. If you really want your username changed, try PMing him.
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    Welcome! What would you like your name to be changed to?
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    Welcome to PF! Tell us, what's your favorite fish?
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