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Hey everyone !

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    Hey PhysicsForums community! Was asked to introduce so allow me to introduce....myself. My name is Chris Barkachi. I'm a freshman attending River Edge Regional High School and I take a very advanced physics course. I greatly enjoy it and seem to excel in it!

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    Welcome to PF!

    What interests you most about physics?
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    Welcome Chris!
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    Never thought about that 'till now! I'd say the fact that you can finally figure out why the things around you happen the way they do. Starting from extremely basic physics, I've come so far and it really is amazing seeing the world unfold with the power of physics :)
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    Thank you! I was wondering where I could find the homework template though..it doesn't seem to be in the stickies....
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    It auto populates into the editor when you create a new thread in the homework forums :)
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    LOL. Thank you! :)

    And btw, this website is one of the nicest (in terms of aesthetics, functionality, etc.) forums I've ever used!
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    One last question: If I have a set of ten conceptual (not solving it, simply questions to think about) questions, as long as I provide sufficient evidence that I've thought about them, would I be allowed to post it or would it be considered spam?
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    Have a look through our guidelines:

    If there is little speculation and good sources are provided you should be good. If you are very unsure, contact a mentor.
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