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Hey, folks

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    Hey, folks and blokes, I just fired up a new account here.

    I'm a West Virginia (USA) resident and was a double-major in the fields of mathematics and computer science. Unfortunately, due to family emergencies, I was forced to withdraw before my degree requirements were complete, but maybe, some day, I shall take care of that business.

    The main reason that I came here was that now, during my off time, I've taken up writing again, and there's a little bit in one of the short stories I'm currently working on that's giving me an awful headache, and I was hoping that someone with a good physics background could help me iron out some of the kinks.

    I'm going to head over to the science fiction board now and see about posting my problem. I'm glad that forums like this exist—it's very nice to have access to brilliant people who are willing to help those of us that are a little slower than the rest on the uptake. :kiss:

    Thanks, and talk to you soon.
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    Welcome to the PF! :smile:
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    Welcome to PF!
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