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Hey guys, my name is David.

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    So I was looking through some stuff and apparently I was supposed to do this first. Just figure I'd go ahead and introduce myself before I go any further here. My name is David and I am transferring to Mississippi State University for Mechanical Engineering this summer. I have been in JUCO for the past year and a half finishing my math (last one, currently in DE) and other core classes. I am very excited and also anxious to be in Physics this summer. I didn't do well in highschool so I never took physics, mostly smoked pot and wasted my opportunities. After graduation I worked offshore for a year on an oil rig in the gulf and that was enough to make me want to get serious with my life. I joined this community because I feel I will need your help in future scenarios in my life and it would be nice to have solid ground established. I will try to help with things I know, but in the meantime, I hope you guys don't mind me pestering you for all of the info I can squeeze out haha. Oh yeah and my name has nothing to do with chewing tobacco. It's just a play on words with "beef jerky."
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    Welcome Leafjerky, always nice to have someone serious about learning join the forum.
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    Thanks Evo, I figured I should state that because I know how it typically goes in forums. Person joins, asks questions, gets flamed or an answer, then leaves and it can be hard to differentiate between the ones who need help and the lazy ones.
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