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Hey guys some help here

  1. Aug 10, 2013 #1
    So I was thinking of swapping the following classes together, and I would appreciate an input from your guys first.

    I want to swap General physics 1(trig/Algebra based)
    Intro to C++

    and the reason being that I will be taking my classical mechanics course next semester anyway, so why waste a semester on topics that I will see next semester again? Originally I registered for the class because I wanted some exposure to physics before taking a mechanics course since I have never taken one, but now I am thinking the programming course is more important. What would you guys advise me to do?

    Also, it isn't too ugly to take a calc based mechanics course without prior exposure to physics ever, right?
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    If "Classical Mechanics" = 1st semester lower-division calculus-based physics course, then no, you don't have to take the algebra-based General Physics 1 first. In most cases, the prerequisite or corequisite for "Classical Mechanics" is Calculus 1. Check the course catalog.
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    As stated above, I'm going to assume that "Classical Mechanics" means the first University Physics course. A formal Classical Mechanics course would come after the university physics sequence.

    Check your schools prerequisites. Some schools may require a semester of algebra/trig based physics before the university physics sequence. My school is one example of that. Otherwise, then no, there really isn't too much of a point in taking it, since it will be the same material, simply with different math.
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    No, it's not ugly at all. Unless, of course, the listed prerequisites include "previous exposure to physics" or something like that.
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    Ask advisers or the profs at your school if you can. They'll know the course content better than anyone here and can tell you for sure whether you'll be missing anything important by dropping that class.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. For those of you who are wondering, no my school doesnt require the trig/algebra physics as a prereq for the mechanics one. I was just doing it because I thought it would help but I am more into the programming class now.
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    It certainly wouldn't "hurt." It still exposes you to some of the problem solving involved in physics, and introduces you to some of the main parts of physics. However, you're probably right that you'd be better off taking the programming class.

    I wish I didn't have to take it. But, my school requires a semester of algebra/trig physics as a prereq for the calc based physics.
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