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Hey guys

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    Hello. I'm Bruno, a Brazilian High School graduate that loves high school (and everything I had the capacity to learn) Physics. I plan to pursue a career in Physics, and found some troubles. I did a post on this troubles first (as I didn't read my inbox :P), so if there is anyone out there who thinks that can help me with these doubts, please, go right ahead https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/doubts-of-an-aspiring-theoretical-physicist.778976/

    If not, then just hello, fellow friend! I hope I have a good run here. Frequently reading the forum, I've found interesting people and threads. I hope I can be a contributor to this community. Farewell!

    P.S. - I don't know if putting that thread here is against any rules - if so, please, tell me.
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    Hi Brunnan, the link is fine you're not asking to have your homework done, or posing questions that require work to be done.
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    :) Thank you
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