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Hey, hey

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    Figured this forum was as good as any for making a formal introduction since I'm a mechanical engineer with some aerospace background and a computer scince/engineering hobby.

    I'm happy Greg gave me the opportunity to moderate this forum. Its something I've never done before but always had an interest in trying my hand at.

    Anyway, a little background about me. I'm 27 and work in a tiny engineering firm in suburban Philadelphia designing building HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and other related building systems. I spent a little time in the Navy and went to Drexel University in Philly.

    I use my real name most of the time largely because I think anonymity is a myth anyway (so you can ask me just about anything) and partly because I'm too lazy/uncreative to think of a good nicname.

    I'm easygoing - its extremely difficult to offend or annoy me, but I do have a few pet peves I'll mention when they come up. But I won't be a heavy-handed moderator.

    Anyway, welcome to my world. :smile:
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    OOOOO00000oooo... THAT'S SCAAAAaaaarrry...

    Congrats Russ ! :smile:
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    Congratulations, Russ !

    The entire forum changed quite a bit since yesterday. It will be fun to see how the new sections play out.
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    I figure I'll piggyback Russ's introductions thread, considering we're almost opposites yet very similar in work history

    For those who don't know me:

    I have been an advisor at PF for a little over a year (which basically means I throw my $.02 around without any real responsibility :wink:), and was promoted to mentor of the technology forum a few weeks ago. When the engineering forums were announced to the staff, I jumped at the opportunity to switch.

    I'm currently a Senior at University of Maryland, College Park, in the aerospace engineering space track. I've worked as a drafter in a MEPR firm for the last three years, and quit (for the last time, hopefully) to take classes full-time.

    Basically, that means that I know a little bit more about the realities of space systems than a space enthusiast, but not as much as someone in the field.

    I haven't decided whether I want to go to work or grad school next year, but I do know I want to work either on planetary exploration missions or space-based industry and manufacturing.

    Like Russ, it's difficult to offend me, but I can get annoyed when threads get deliberately derailed, or insults and flames start flying. I don't forsee it to be a problem, since engineering isn't exactly a politics forum.
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