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Hey! I posted here but now it's gone!

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    If you posted a homework problem, and you don't see it any more, it might have been deleted by one of the mentors. The mentors routinely delete homework or homework-like problems where you haven't shown any effort at solving the problem. If your post is deleted for this reason, the mentor will also send you a warning notification which explains why your post was deleted.

    You can see these notifications by clicking the INBOX link at the top of any page here. If you've received new notifications that you haven't read yet, there should be a little red badge "stuck" on the INBOX link, showing the number of new notifications. The forum software calls them "Conversations."

    Mentors also delete homework (or homework-like) problems that are posted in forum sections other than the Homework & Coursework section, or for other rules violations. To see our general rules, click the INFO link at the top of any page here, and choose "Terms and Rules." Or you can click this link:


    Scroll down to the section "Homework Guidelines."

    Also note the "Guidelines for Students and Helpers" which is posted near the top of each of the homework forums, for example:


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    I've seen a post where the OP doesn't show any attempt on solving the problem but manages to get some help from users. Like this one:https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/math-olympiad-number-theory.916126/ but this user has shown in history that he/she won't always leave the attempt blank. So it depends on the frequency I guess.
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    We try to catch those early and help the OP to learn that they need to show work. Please click the Report link in such threads to let the Mentors know. Thanks.
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