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Hey! I'm Simon

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    Hello members,

    My name is Simon Tomic, I am 26 years of age and live in The Netherlands.(Holland)
    I finished my bachelor's degree in Structural Engineering but soon realized that the jobs that were available in this sector just couldn't fill up to my needs. Because of my strong drive for design and innovation I decided to start up my own company, as a industrial designer/engineer.
    I realized the possibilities of 3D printing and started making my own little prototypes and designs of different products. And hard work it is. It has been 4 months so far, and even if the progress isn't disappointing the bank account numbers stayed critical.
    After doing some experiments, I realized that I needed a lot of equipment before I could start any kind of production. Because of the financial problems, but mainly because of my designer needs I decided to make the majority of the needed equipment myself. One of those things is a vacuum-compression chamber.
    After some simple calculations I figured out how big the forces within this chamber would be, and simply understood the essence of a second/third opinion which brought me to this forum.
    I hope you guys can help me to achieve my goals. Naturally I will try to contribute to this forum whenever my knowledge allows me to.


    Simon Tomic
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    Hi Simon, welcome to PF!
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