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Hey! Nice to meet you all

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    Looking forward to some great discussions and ideas! I am about to enter school again (mid-20's here) to pursue my dream of working in the field of Artificial Intelligence!

    I went to university at the normal time, but had some terrible experiences that left me disillusioned for a while, and I left to work and clear my head, but never really went back. After trying an online degree, I realized the only way to correct the mistakes of the past is to start fresh. Now, after a few years of personal growth and awareness, I am prepared to enter school again to pursue my dream (and I don't care about how much debt! We all die, so I would rather die pursuing my dream with mounds of debt then counting the days rich). Starting at community college, getting my AA in Physics, so I will be here to ask questions and further my knowledge within the community!
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    Welcome to the forum. Happy to help when you get to the hard material.
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