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Hey there!

  1. Feb 14, 2019 at 4:48 AM #1
    Hello there.
    I've recently joined the community of "Physics Forums".
    My main aim was to learn more about the world of physics from the posts on various questions throughout this forum.
    I'm currently 16 years old, in High school and have been studying Basic physics for 2 years now.
    I frequently get homework as I'm in an international school so I'll require some assistance from you generous guys to lead me in the correct way.
    That'll be all for me and i'm looking forward to have some interactions with y'all.
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    Wrichik Basu

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    Welcome to PF!

    For Homework questions, be sure to fill the template, and type out your question properly. Members here shall taje it up from there and help you out as much as possible.

    In addition, in order to help you start, the following are the three main sections in PF. You should explore them well:

    1. The main forums, that you see on the home page.

    2. The Insights Blog (also available on the top row (header section)). In short, they have been described as "wonder of the web". The blog contains articles that help in learning topics to a great extent.

    3. The Videos (also available in the header section). The media gallery now has some great videos and lecture courses in almost every field in science, and they provide an audio-visual learning opportunity.

    Enjoy your time here. :smile:

    With regards,
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