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Hey y'all! :)

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    Name's Jo. I'm a bubbly antisocial geek with a wide variety of miscellaneous interests, ranging from art to Yu-Gi-Oh to bushcraft to zoology. I also write what I guess you would call science-fantasy, a swords-and-sorcery presentation with an attempt to base that sorcery in scientific principles. That's mostly why I'm here; I'd like to try basing the magic system of my story on real thermodynamics and electromagnetism, but I suck at math and thus suck at physics. I'll try to contribute as much as I can though. :)
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read our site rules (see link below) and be aware that we have a section for Science Fiction and Fantasy threads where your questions may be answered. Other forums are for maintream Science, Technology, Engineering and MAth questions. Remember not to mix the streams.
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