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    Hey I'm new here, so just say Hi for know.

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    Hello fabrave21!

    Welcome to PF! I'm sure you'll find help here when you ask.

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    Thanks I appreciate it ...
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    Are you kidding? You want to proofread papers for other people? You need to work on your advertising then because based on first impressions you are about 3rd from the bottom on my list of One Million Proofreaders. I can see at least 15 MAJOR errors in your post. If you turn in work like this you are lucky you got a D-. I hope you meant you would proofread a math problem. Or maybe you could proofread a painting.
    I'm sorry if I sound mean, but if you are going to offer to help, you better be able to back it up. The help people get here is top rate.
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    Well i was just giving something in return. I didn't want to ask for help and not be able to give any. And That was just me posting on a forum not a reflection of an essay. I was offering, not advertising ... And I passed my english AP exam, and have taken and completed the first year writing requirement here at mich. and done well in the course.

    edit: D- in in chemistry
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    Just hang around the homework help forums. If you have a problem you're struggling with, post it. If you see a problem you can help with, help.
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    yea, thats what I was planning on doing. But just wondering... is there alot of interaction here. Or do people come only when they themselves need help ???
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    There's a lot of interaction in the other sections of the forum. There are a lot of gifted people who volunteer a fair bit of time to help others, and there are, of course, some who only come when they need help. A lot of joking around goes on in general discussion, and if you want to discuss any other topics (aside from homework problems) or ask questions, just choose the appropriate forum. Don't worry too much if you post something in the wrong forum, a mentor (mentor = moderator) will move it for you.

    Make sure you read the guidelines, we're fairly strict about them around here. Some people don't like that this place is strictly moderated, but I (and most of the rest of the people here) find it much better than having to sort through pages after pages of crackpot posts, and receiving bad homework advice from half the members. Most of the mentors are professionals in some science or technology position, so they have a pretty good idea of what crackpottery looks like.
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    Well right know ima freshman in college and it is not going good. Like I'm wondering why I chose a school Michigan. hopefully I can turn everything around ...
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