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Hey :)

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    Hi there, I'm Jonathan.
    I've never studied physics in a classroom but It's always fascinated me so I'm learning it independently now and am planning on doing the high school finals externally (thankfully that's a thing for dropouts in my country)
    I sometimes have very abstract or weird questions that the few people I know irl who know physics have a hard time answering and/or explaining to me, so I figured I could try looking online.

    hopefully you guys can help me out a bit and maybe in time I can do the same! :)
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    Welcome to Physics Forums SuperSpasm. :smile:

    This is a great place for learning but I would recommend checking out the Terms and Rules in the INFO tab. There are certain topics that are not discussed on the forum. Also, for homework problems, they have to be posted in the Homework and Coursework forum and use the homework template. Best of luck in your physics endevours.
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    Thanks, small question though:
    If I have a question that doesn't fall under the category of "homework/coursework", such as a concept I don't understand, but It relates to an introductory-level topic (which I'm assuming is most of the questions there), should I still post it in the homework/coursework section?
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    I would post conceptual questions in the other forums.
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