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HFET model

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    Good day!

    Please help me with HFET model for Aim-Spice!

    I have a problem with IV modeling...

    vds 1 0
    vids 1 100
    A1 100 2 0 Mhemt l=0.3u w=150u
    vgs 2 0
    .MODEL Mhemt PHFET

    please find a mistake in listing...

    p.s soory for my english
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    Welcome to the PF. What error are you getting? Is it a SPICE compiler error, or a behavioral anomoly?
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    As the DI value of current becomes smaller, this effect should not be. How can I make with a decrease in Di current value decreased?

    [PLAIN]http://imgsnack.com/images/1msm.png [Broken]
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